A Message from Arlene Peasnall

A Message from Arlene Peasnall

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente and Marilyn Owsley, Chief Financial Officer and Annie Russell, Chief Operating Officer, SCPMG

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Services has been soliciting Kaiser Permanente employees to utilize their programs for their retirement investments. We are concerned that they are advising employees about retirement decisions that could impact their eligibility for retiree health coverage without sound knowledge of the Kaiser Permanente plans. Kaiser Permanente does not endorse these events in any way.

In fact, we are advising all employees to use caution when responding to these solicitations from Morgan Stanley. We have actively discouraged Morgan Stanley from discussing our benefit plans of which they have no knowledge, but Morgan Stanley has not been responsive to our requests.  

If you are thinking about retirement, you have several resources available that can provide assistance in making important retirement planning decisions. Check out the updated Retirement Checklist and the Pension Benefit Guide on the Retirement page on My HR.

The Modified Retiree Medical Benefit content for all nonrepresented employees has also been updated and can also be accessed from the Retirement page on My HR. Stay tuned for more resources on that site in the coming weeks, including a Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Guide for all employees.

We again recommend you exercise caution if you are working with a Morgan Stanley representative. If you have questions about your pension or retiree medical benefits, contact the KP Retirement Center online or by calling 1-866-627-2826.  If you have questions about your retirement savings plans or would like to use the retirement planning tools, contact Vanguard online or by calling 1-888-523-1188.

Thank you.

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