2024 Scholarship Fund and Student Debt Relief Program - Apply Today!

  • 3 July 2024
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Once again, the members of our Scholarship Committee have worked very hard to bring our members this wonderful benefit. If you, or a member of your immediate family is currently attending College or will be this fall or have loans from a recognized student loan provider or debtor organization, and are current in their student loan payments, then this Union benefit is just in time.


General Membership Notice – July 25, 2024

At these meetings we will be accepting nominations for the office of Trustee. 

In addition, the Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws will be voted on at this meeting. The meeting notice includes a QR code where you can view the actual language being voted on.

All members of Local 30 are encouraged to attend these meetings to obtain current information on the business of the Union. Union officials and staff will be available to answer questions and provide reports, updates, and other information regarding Local 30.

Conference Room Events (CREs) for Members at Kaiser

  • 12 May 2024
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Conference Room Events (CREs) for Members at Kaiser
To begin the dialog for more direct involvement, address some of the concerns in individual departments, and continue to provide the services our members really want and need, direct input from members is essential.
Local 30 invites you to participate in a Conference Room Event on the date, time, and location that is most convenient for you. Local 30 staff will be available from 8am-3pm.

[VIDEO] A Brighter Future for All: The 2023 Journey of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions

  • 12 May 2024
  • Author: OPEIU
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Our stories before, during, and after the historic healthcare worker strike. The video can be streamed on YouTube.

Coalition Performance Sharing Program (PSP) Goals for 2024-2027

We are pleased to announce region-specific metrics for all Coalition Performance Sharing Program (PSP) goals for 2024 to 2027. Metrics include newly revised baseline and annual targets for the flu vaccination goal. Overall PSP goals and performance improvement metrics are jointly set for the entire 4 years of the 2023 Coalition National Agreement, which ends September 30, 2027.

Click on the link below to view, download, and share the PSP Goals and Metrics Slides and PSP Fact Sheet:



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