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March 5
April 25

Fact Finding and Basic Corrective Action Training

February 16
May 16

Common Contract Language Questions

Shop Steward Guide

Empowered and well-trained shop stewards are the backbone of successful local unions. The OPEIU Leadership/Shop Steward Guide provides training materials and resources for local union shop stewards, staff and emerging leaders. Most of the content can be customized and adapted to fit the unique training needs of each local union. The OPEIU Leadership/Shop Steward Guide continues to develop, so be sure to check back often as more content is added. Visit other links on the OPEIU website for information on member benefits, new member orientations, one-on-one conversations and other useful resources.

  • Tips for Shop Stewards
    What a union leader needs to do (i.e. greet new members, represent all members fairly, look for ways to agitate, organize…and other examples). What a union leader needs to know (i.e. contract, polices, co-workers, labor law and more).  
  • Know Your Weingarten Rights 
    Spread the word to co-workers about their rights to have union representation when possibly facing discipline. This flier can be distributed in the way that’s best for your workplace.

  • The Shop Steward’s Role in the Weingarten Meeting
    Weingarten rights and tips on how to effectively represent members. Watch the video (below) to get an idea of what to expect. This section also includes Supervisors and Stewards as Equals and our Duty of Fair Representation.

  • Strategic Grievance Handling
    Types of grievances; the importance of timelines; investigating a potential grievance; interviewing tips; recording the grievance; presenting the grievance; reaching agreement.

  • Request Information to Represent Members and Stand Up for Our Rights
    A checklist for getting the facts to help prepare for a grievance or to resolve workplace issues.

  • Beating Apathy
    What holds us back? It may feel like apathy, but under the surface there may be something else going on. Some tips to rethink how to activate your co-workers.


Know Your Weingarten Rights



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