KP Care at Target Stores

KP Care at Target Stores

KP Care at Target Stores

Kaiser Permanente and Target Stores have reached an agreement to open medical care clinics in Target Stores to provide convenient care for minor medical issues.  This new approach to reaching out to the community is still a pilot and can only be found in certain stores in Southern California, two of which are in San Diego County, one in Vista and the other in Mission Valley San Diego.  The clinics are staffed by members of the unions at KP and in San Diego by Local 30 and UNAC members.

The clinics are open to all customers coming through the doors. KP members will received care covered by their plans and non-KP patients may receive care covered by their health plans or pay for services at nominal rates.  Business at the clinics has grown since opening just last November.

“This is great opportunity for growth both for Kaiser and the unions as we staff these clinics and provide care for the community in addition to just KP members,” stated Local 30 Executive Director Walter Allen.  “As more and more people seek coverage through the insurance exchanges and through employers they have the opportunity to choose Kaiser.  These clinics give those people the chance to actually try Kaiser care and then hopefully choose Kaiser coverage when they have the opportunity through open enrollment.”

Local 30 urges its members to take advantage of the clinic services for minor issues such as colds, ear and sinus infections, certain minor injuries and other less severe issues which might otherwise have sent them to the emergency room.  The clinics are designed to be efficient and easy to use. The success of these clinics will depend in large part on utilization.  More stores are being planned but for now the focus is on getting people to give them a try.  Say hello to your fellow Local 30 members when you are there. 

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